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Hospital treatment

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Hospital treatment in "Cardiolife" - Varna

The mission of "Cardiolife" is to provide quality and affordable services in the field of cardiology, to help restore and strengthen the health of the population, and to reduce morbidity and mortality in accordance with the good medical practice.

The entire activity of "Cardiolife" is aimed at improving the quality of life and satisfy the ever-increasing requirements of patients, by meeting their expectations by implementing modern technology, providing highly qualified and constantly evolving staff, in accordance with the medical and ethical standards set in the health strategy and the requirements of the European Union.

Our team

Dr. Trayan Tsvetkov

Education: Master of Medicine.


Career: "Cardiolife" Ltd.: invasive cardiologist; UMHAT "St. Marina" EAD: invasive cardiologist; MC "Mladost" - doctor.


Specialty: Cardiology, Clinical Invasive Cardiology.


Foreign languages: English.

Dr. Angel Mitov

Education: Master of Medicine.


Career: "Cardiolife" Ltd.: invasive cardiologist; MHAT "Lovech" AD: cardiologist; Tutrakan Hospital OOD: cardiologist; AIPPMP Dr. Mitov: doctor.


Specialty: Cardiology.


Foreign languages: English.

Dr. Krassimir Petrov

Education: Master of Medicine.


Career:  "Cardiolife" Ltd.:  anesthesiologist; MDOZS-Varna: head of the SAIL sector; Dobrich District Hospital: resident OARIL; Albena AD: manager.


Specialty: Anesthesiology and resuscitation, Toxicology.


Foreign languages: Russian, German

Dr. Deana Angelova

Education: Master of Medicine.


Career: "Cardiolife" Ltd.:  cardiologist; Dobrich Hospital: cardiologist; "Cardiomed" - Varna: cardiologist.


Specialty:  Cardiology.


Foreign languages: English.



1) Kostya Kostoynostinoski

2) Adrian Vasilev Nikolov

3) Yakub Faikov Deliibryamov

4) Martin Evgeniev Lukanov

5) Natalia Stefanova Docheva

6) Alexandra Georgieva

7) Biliana Yuliyanova Pehlivanova

8) Eileen Vedat Hadjiveli

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